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Ceramic Dog Dishes

Fresco Ceramic Dog Dishes
Fresco Dog Dishes
Fresco Pet Dishes have a two-tone hand painted design giving them artistic flair.
Available in 4 colors with coordinating sizes; Raspberry, Ragatta, Persimmon and Cactus.
A coordinating Color Paw™ print decal inside the dish adds a playful touch.

Material: Ceramic. Hand Wash ONLY

Size/ Capacity
xSmall - 4"/ 9oz (Raspberry)
Small - 5"/ 16oz (Regatta) 
Medium - 7"/ 34oz (Persimmon) 
Large - 9"/ 80oz (Cactus)

Polka Dot Dog Dishes
Ceramic Polka Dot Dog Dishes have a bebop flair. Dishwasher-safe ceramic dishes are a throwback to the 1950s and feature fun sayings to match your pet's personality.
Reminiscent of classic ’50s-style diner dishware.
Ceramic Polka Dot Dog Dishes features a retro flair and an attractive design that blasts pets back to the Poodle Skirt Decade.
Adorable "Prince" and "Princess" insignias offer apropos options to match pet’s persona.
Sturdy ceramic dishes won’t tip or slide

Colors: Polka Dot Pink and/or Polka Dot Blue
Material: Ceramic
6" cat bowl has a capacity of 13 oz/1.5 cups/384 ml
5" small bowl has a capacity of 16 oz/2 cups/473 ml
7" medium bowl has a capacity of 48 oz/6 cups/1.4L

Pawprint Dishes for Dogs
pawprint dog dishes
Pawprint Dishes are stylish ceramic pet dishes featuring bold patriotic colors, pawprint cutouts, and a bone design in the center.
A bone-shaped design in the center adds appeal.
Sturdy dishes won’t tip or slide and are dishwasher, food, and water safe.

Available in 2 colors; True Red and Navy.
Material: Ceramic. Dishwasher Safe

Size/ Capacity:
Medium - 7.5"/ 16oz
Large - 8.5"/ 24oz

Cutie Paw Dishes for Dogs
cutie paw dishes for dogs
Cutie Paw Dishes are ceramic food and water dishes for dogs and cats.
Dog dishes have a "chomp it, slurp it, love it" logo.
These dishes feature a high gloss ceramic in our most popular color combinations; Pink and Blue.

Material: Ceramic. Hand Wash.

Size/ Capacity:
 6" and has a capacity of 9 oz / 1-1/4 cups / 266 ml
 5" and has a capacity of 16 oz / 2 cups / 473 ml
 7" and has a capacity of 48 oz / 6 cups / 1.4 L



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