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Raised Cots for Dogs


Lightweight steel frame cot includes a UV-resistant polyester cover.

Sets up and breaks down in seconds.

Great for traveling, camping, or naps in the backyard.

Elevated Pet Cots

Our Elevated Pet Cots protect pets from uncomfortable cold, hot, damp, and uneven surfaces. Lightweight cots allow air to circulate beneath dog for a healthier, more comfortable rest. Provides comfortable support for arthritic or geriatric dogs. Spring locks on each durable cot allow assembly and disassembly in seconds without tools, making it the perfect go-anywhere bed for travel and camping. Fabric is heavy-duty polyester oxford, water resistant, and is UV-resistant polyester. Cover is removable for cleaning. Frame is constructed of powder-coated, rust-resistant steel. VelcroŽ along sides allows bed to be stretched or relaxed for customized tension. Large & Extra Large have center legs for added support!

Pet Cots MeshPet Cot Extra Large

Cots with breathable mesh Panels come in a rich crimson color. Cots without mesh come in a nice deep green

Pet Cots With Mesh Travel
Small cot measures 24"L X 18"W and has an 80 lb weight capacity
Medium cot measures 30"L x 24"W and has a 100 lb weight capacity
Large cot measures 36"L x 30"W and has a 120 lb weight capacity
X-Large cot measures 48"L x 36"W and has a 150 lb weight capacity

Which Size Pet Cot?
Which Color & Type Cot?

Elevated Pet Beds for Dogs
Pipe Dream Pet Beds - Dog Pipe Dream Bed
Sturdy frame Pipe Dream Elevated Pet Beds keep pets comfortably above cold, damp, hard and hot surfaces, hard floors and the ground.
Provides comfortable support for arthritic or geriatric dogs.
Durably constructed from easy clean, furniture grade PVC.
Covered in vinyl coated nylon ideal for use in kennels, clinics and outdoors.
Covers come in assorted patterns and colors and can be removed for easy washing.

Pipe Dream Beds are available in the sizes listed below.
Cover colors and patterns may vary.
Beds measure approximately 9"H.

Material: PVC piping; Covered in vinyl-coated nylon.

Size: Beds measure approximately 9" high and are available in the following sizes:
Small = 8"L x 24"W
Medium = 24"L x 36"W
Large = 36"L x 36"W
xLarge = 48"L x 24"W
Which Size Pipe Dream Bed?


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