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Stainless Steel Dog Dishes

Stainless Steel Bowls


Available in 6 sizes!

Stainless Steel Dog Dishes
These heavy-duty ProSelect® Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Bowls are our most popular bowls. Made of high-quality 18/8 stainless-steel that is strong and scratch-resistant, their heavy-duty and the high-gloss finish is easy-to-clean and bacteria-resistant. Bowls are guaranteed not to pit or rust. Offers quality and value you won’t find anywhere else.

Sizes may be combined for shipping discounts.

Bowl SizeWidth
1/2 Pint 4 3/8"
1 Pint 5"
1 Quart 6"
2 Quart 8"
3 Quart 9 1/2"
5 Quart 10 1/2"

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Dura Weight Stainless Steel Dishes

Attractive, highly-polished finish  Dura-Weight Stainless-Steel Dishes  are the heaviest weight bowls available. Especially long-lasting and resistant to bite marks, cracking, scratching, and denting, these heavyweights can withstand the rigors of outdoor and kennel use.

Material: 14/4 Stainless-Steel (14% Chrome/4% Nickel). Dishwasher safe.

Bowl Size


1 Pint


1 Quart


2 Quart


3 Quart

9 1/2"

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X-Super Heavyweight Non-Tip SS Bowls


The wide, rubber-edged, non-skid base on these X-Super Heavy Non-Tip Bowls are designed to prevent movement and spillage during feeding

Material: 14/4 Stainless-Steel (14% Chrome/4% Nickel); Rubber base

  • 1 Pint - 5 1/2" W
  • 1.5 Pint - 6" W
  • 1 Quart - 6 1/2" W
  • 2 Quart - 8" W

    3 Quart - 9" W
  • 5 Quart - 9 1/2" W

    Which Size Dish?


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