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Insect Costumes For Dogs

Bee Costumes For Dogs
Bee the buzz of the party with this costume!A spin-off of our original bee costume, circa 1988, this new model is a Three-dimensional Bee Costume that features an over-stuffed body, nicely filling out the thick fiber gold and black stripes.The deep ribbing shape gives the feel and appearance of a 3-D insect; appliqué flopping wings, buggy eyes, and moving antenna complement this unique Bumble Bee Costume. Our specially adjustable Velcro chest and belly fastener panel makes it easy to securely fit the costume to your dog.  This costume is 100% cotton.

Which Size Bee Costume ?
Which Bee Costume ?

Caterpillar and Butterfly Costumes For Dogs

 This little princess costume is cute and colorful. 100% Cotton body, the glittered pink mesh trim adds to the uniqueness of this costume. Everyone will love it as your dog crawls up to them wearing this Caterpillar Costume
Which Size Costume ?
Which Costume ?


Lady Bug Dog Costumes

This is a classic we have been selling for almost 20 years, and it is still one of our best sellers. It is cute for any time of the year and any event, but it will be a special hit at the Halloween costume contest! It is the perfect costume for your little lady bug to take flight.

Which Size Costume ?

adorable plush ladybug costume features a soft, plump, three-dimensional body. ladybug costume for dogs
What Size Ladybug Costume ?


All measurements are in INCHES.

To ensure a correct fit for your pup, we recommend measuring Your Dog's chest at the widest "girth" just behind the front legs, then the back from base of the neck to the beginning of the tail.

Chest sizes are almost always most important. If the garment won't fit their chest, he or she can't wear it at all.

Measuring Your Dog then referring to the size chart is essential to determine your best fitting size.
The weight is for reference as a estimated general guide only and is not part of fitting your Baby.

Dog Costume Sizing Chart - Costumes for Dogs Size Instructions

All measurements are in INCHES. To insure a correct fit for your pup, we recommend measuring Your Dog's chest at the widest


Notes: These costumes are not the "wear once and throw away" type of costumes.

They are made very well and are designed to last occasion after occasion :-)

Please MEASURE YOUR DOG! and use the sizing charts to select the proper size.

Exchanges caused by 'not measuring' add lengthy delays and added costs for all.

Thank You!


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