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Rawhide Chips Bulk Packs
Dogs both large and small love our Rawhide Chips Chicken Flavor. Made in the USA from premium grade cattle. Treats contain no chemical treatments or preservatives. Made in the U.S.A.
Our Rawhide Chips Natural or Chicken Flavor are 100% processed in the USA from American cattle bred for premium beef.
Premium-grade cattle produce a much thicker hide than foreign cattle, which results in 10-20% thicker and heavier rawhide.
Climate-controlled processing eliminates the need to use chemical treatments and preservatives.
Premium hides are cut and dried naturally to assure freshness.
First-quality rawhide is tightly compressed to last.
High in quality and low in fat.
Made in the USA from premium grade cattle.

Available in Natural and/or Chicken Flavor
Bulk Packs Sizes : 10 Chips, 25 Chips, 50 Chips, 100 Chips, 200 Chips

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