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Turtle and Twister Dog Treats

Turtle and Twister Bones Dog Toy with Treat
Twister Bones and Turtle Toy plus Treat for Dogs
Tons O' Fun Turtle Dog Toy with Treat
Turtle Treat and Toy Combination for Dogs
Our Tons o' Fun Turtles are a new and exciting combination toy that will keep dogs entertained for hours.
A shell-shaped treat fits inside a rubber turtle toy, providing two kinds of chewing fun for dogs.

Dogs get double the chewing pleasure from our Tons o’ Fun Turtles.
This two-in-one product is a toy and a treat that will keep dogs entertained for hours.
After consuming the treat, the rubber turtle toy remains for doggy amusement
Bonus feature: the bottom of the rubber turtle has ridges, for maximum chewing fun.

Tasty Twister Bones for Dogs
Twister Bone Treat for Dogs
Our Tasty Twister Bones 2-Packs double the chewing fun for dogs!
Spiked rubber bones that help clean dogs' teeth are wrapped with strips of rawhide, for the ultimate in canine chewing pleasure.
Our Tasty Twister Bones are sure to be a favorite with dogs that like to chew and chew and chew.
These not only satisfy dogs’ innate need to chew, they also help clean teeth.
Spiked rubber bones are made with strips of rawhide wrapped around them


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