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Dog Treat Maze Interactive PuzzlesInteractive Dog Treat Maze - Mazes for Dogs - Mental Stimulation
Our interactive Nina Ottosson Treat Maze.
 Dog Toy rocks, wobbles, and spins, dispensing treats as it moves.
Unpredictable and intriguing, this maze is one that will keep dogs begging for more.
 A unique toy that will challenge dogs of all ages.
Treats that fit in the top hole can come through the holes on the side
Easy to clean—simply rinse out under running water
Smaller size can be used with cats

Size Available:
Small 7 1/4"
Large 10"
Material: Plastic
Interactive Brick PuzzleBrick Puzzle for Dogs - Activity Toys for Dog - Interactive
Our tricky Nina Ottosson Brick Pet Puzzle designed to mentally stimulate both dogs and cats.
Simply hide treats under the sliding discs and watch pets paw and nose to find their reward
Creates a bonding experience between pets and their owners
Can be used by dogs and cats
Easy to use

17 1/2" Large
Interactive Miracle Puzzle Interactive Miracle Puzzle for Dogs - Active Toys for Dog - Mentally Stimulates Pets
By interchanging the puzzle bricks of our interactive Nina Ottosson Miracle Puzzle Dog Toy.
Owners can alter the toy's level of difficulty to create a more advanced puzzle challenge for their pets.
 Hide treats under the bricks and watch as dogs work to retrieve them.
 Creates a bonding experience between pets and their owners
Instructions included

Size: 11"

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