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Pulse Ion Clippers
Pulse Ion Clippers for Dogs - Andis Dog Grooming Clipper
The Pulse Ion Clipper is the ultimate in cordless grooming clippers.
It offers a longer run time and has a comfortable grip to help reduce wrist pain and fatigue.
Requiring less charge time than other cordless clippers and offers full power until the charge dies.
With a 2-hour run time, it boasts an adjustable blade for different cut lengths.
Lithium-ion battery provides long lasting cordless operation.
Available in 3 colors; Blue, Pink & Purple.

Please note: This clipper is NOT A5 compatible and will NOT work with A5 style blades.

Motor Type: Rotary
Strokes Per Minute: 5,500
Handpiece Weight with Blade: 10.5 oz
Handpiece Length with Blade: 7 1/4"
Pulse Ion Clippers Replacement Adjustable Blade
Pulse Ion Clippers Replacement Adjustable Blade

Keep your Pulse Ion Clipper working its best with this replacement blade.
This blade adjusts to cut at a variety of lengths for great looking grooming jobs of all shapes and sizes.
Pulse Ion Clippers Replacement Charger
Pulse Ion Clipper Replacement Charger
Keep your clippers running smoothly with this replacement charger, designed for the Pulse Ion Clippers.
Pulse Ion Clippers Replacement Battery
Pulse Ion Clippers Replacement Battery
Never be caught without a backup!
Keep your Pulse Ion Clipper running longer with the help of this replacement battery.
Lithium ion battery provides long lasting cordless operation.
Get this replacement battery for your Pulse Ion Clipper and be ready for any grooming challenge.
This Lithium battery charges in two hours and provides full power until the battery dies.
AGCL Light Speed Clipper
AGCL Light Speed Clippers for Dogs - Andis Dog Grooming Clipper

Our Light Speed Clipper lights the way for you.
The Light Speed is equipped with ultra bright, no heat LED lights that illuminate the cutting path to provide extra light for safe, more precise clipping.
On/off switch turns off the light when its no longer needed.
Single speed clipper delivers 4,400 SPM to handle your general purpose grooming needs.
Lightweight, contoured handpiece.
Four LEDs for full blade coverage.
Maintenance free — no oiling or greasing of internal parts.


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