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Grooming Combs

U Groom Handled Combs
U Groom Handled Combs for Dogs - Dog Grooming Comb
Our Handled Combs glide smoothly and safely through coats.
Ergonomic padded rubber handles make for a comfortable grip and is easy on hands and wrists.
Rounded steel teeth glide easily for pet comfort.

Mini Combs are ideal for use between groomings as an all-purpose comb.

Mini Comb (fine/coarse) 
Mini Comb Double Sided
Combo Comb
41 Tooth Comb (fine)
17 Tooth Comb (coarse)

Material: Stainless steel teeth; plastic ergonomic handle
Size: All combs measure 7 1/2" L.

Which Comb?

Anti-Static Combs for Dogs
Anti-Static Combs for Dogs - Xylan Dog Comb
Put an end to fly-away hair with our Anti-Static Grooming Combs.
Our exclusive all-metal combs are coated with Xylan to decrease friction, reduce static, help prevent fly-away hair, and increase chemical and wear resistance.
Handle styles have contoured wooden grips for improved comfort and control.
Teeth are drilled into the spines for added strength and durability.

Material: Xylan® coating; Contoured wooden grips

Size: 7/8” teeth in the following sizes:
Medium w/Handle — 7 3/4"
Medium/Coarse — 7 1/2"
Medium/Coarse — 6"
Face/Finishing — 4 1/2"
Fine/Coarse — 7 1/2"
Which Anti-Static Comb?



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