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Super Styling Sessions
Instructional Dog Grooming DVDs
Turning Ordinary Groomers in to Extraordinary Groomers!
Super Styling Sessions - Instructional Dog Grooming DVD s
Invest in your professional success!
Created by Sue Zecco and Jay Scruggs, these Super Styling Sessions DVDs offer instructional advice and grooming tips for some of today’s most popular dog breeds.
A great way to freshen up your skills and learn new techniques.

Each DVD includes:
Time-saving tips
Quick and stylish everyday pet trims
Scissoring tips
Exciting new product demos
Techniques and short cuts

Order the DVDs individually, or buy all nine breed DVDs as a set!

DVD Lengths
Bichon Frise – 50 Minutes
Golden Retriever – 75 Minutes
Poodle – 2 Hours
Shih Tzu  – 1 Hr. 45 Minutes
Springer Spaniel  – 1 Hour
Welsh Terrier  – 50 Minutes
Westie  – 50 Minutes
Yorkshire Terrier  – 45 Minutes
Mixed & Misc Breeds  – 1 Hr. 50 Minutes
All 9 Breeds - Over 11 Hours of Instructional Videos

Which Super Styling Breed Grooming DVD?

Special Technique DVDs
De-Matting – 1 Hr. 50 Minutes
Scissoring – 55 Minutes
Mobile Grooming – 240 minutes (4 hours)
Head Compilations – 480 minutes (8 hours)
All 4 Special Technique Vidoes - Almost 15 Hours of Instruction!
Which Super Styling Special Techniques DVD?

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