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Unstuffies Animals
Stuffing Free Squeak Toys for Dogs!
Unstuffies Animals for Dogs - Stuffing Free Dog ToyUnstuffie Animal Dog Toy - Plush Toys for Dogs
Our latest twist on the popular stuffing-free dog toy trend.
Our Unstuffies are realistic, stuffing-free toys with two squeakers inside.
Dogs will love to shake, toss, and tug these critters, while owners will love that there’s no stuffing mess to clean up after!

Material: Plush, Squeaker
Size: Measures 22"L

Available in:
Gopher, Chipmunk, Coyote, Red Squirrel, Badger, Mongoose, Opossom, and Fisher Cat

Which Animal Unstuffie?

Road Crew Unstuffies
Road Crew Unstuffies - Stuffing Free Toys for Dogs
Our Road Crew Unstuffies have a look that will make everyone laugh out loud.
Hilarious in design and great for dogs of all sizes, these stuffing-free toys are great for tugging, tossing and carrying around.

Material: Plush, Squeaker
Size: Measures 22"L

Available in:
Fisher Cat, Opossum, Badger & Gopher

Which Road Crew Unstuffie?


Holiday Unstuffies
Holiday Unstuffies for Dogs - Holiday Dog Toy
Our Holiday Unstuffies Dog Toys are sure to become the must-have pet toy of the season.
These festive, stuffing-free toys are decked out for the holidays in Santa hats.
They’re still virtually mess-free.

Material: Plush, Squeaker
Size: Measures 22"L

Choose from:
Red Squirrel, Badger, Opossom, and Chipmunk

Which Holiday Unstuffie?

Festive Unstuffies
Festive Unstuffies for Dogs
Stuffing-free dog toys for the holiday season!
Stuffing-free toys in three holiday characters.
Long, skinny shape for pulling and tugging games , and Two squeakers inside.
Buy all three to unstuff some fun!

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