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MGT Brush and Comb Kits

Assorted Brush and Comb Kit
Brushes and Combs for Dogs - Dog Grooming Kits
Our Brush & Comb Grooming Kits save you money.
This kit contains six of our best brushes and combs to help new groomers get started, and seasoned groomers replace outdated grooming tools.

Each kit contains:
1 Medium/coarse greyhound comb
1 Face/finishing comb
1 Pin brush (9")
1 Medium ergonomic shedding comb (37-teeth)
1 Medium ergonomic slicker brush
1 Single flex soft slicker brush
Ergonomic Slicker Brush Kit
Slicker Brush Kits for Dogs - Ergonomic Dog Kit
Our Ergonomic Slicker Brushes feature molded, double-coated rubber handles that fit the hand perfectly.
While providing greater control for comfortable, effortless brush outs.

Kit Includes ALL 4!

Ergonomic Shedding Comb Kit
Ergonomic Shedding Comb Kit for Dogs - Dog Shedding Comb Kits
These combs Have been discontinued!
Flex Soft Slicker Brush Kit
Flex Slicker Brush Kit for Dogs - Dog Grooming Kits
Our Flexible Slicker Brush kit gives you the flexibility you need to deliver superior grooming results without sacrificing your hands and wrists in the process.
Flexible handles produce less stress on your hands and wrists than traditional fixed slicker brushes.
Flexible brushes conform to the contour of the animal.

Kit Includes:
Hard brush style is designed for tough mats
Soft brush style is great for lighter jobs.
Extra Firm style is great for breaking down tough mats without causing coat damage.

Greyhound Comb Kit
Greyhound Combs for Dogs - Dog Grooming
Our Grooming Combs were designed by groomers specifically to increase comfort and reduce the risk of injury.
Versatile combs are an essential tool for fluffing, detangling, and removing dead hair from medium to longhaired dogs and cats.
Face and Finishing Comb is the perfect size for working around faces, ears, eyes and hard to reach areas.
Greyhound Combs are available in Fine/Coarse, Medium/Coarse and Coarse style.

Material: Hardened steel teeth drilled into solid brass steel-plated spine

Face and Finishing comb measures 4 1/2" L, teeth are 7/8" L
Greyhound Fine/Coarse Comb measures 7 1/2" L, teeth are 1" L
Greyhound Medium/Coarse Comb measures 7 1/2"L, teeth are 1"L
Greyhound Coarse Comb measures 7 1/2" L, teeth are 1.5"L


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