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Coat Stripper Grooming Tools
Groomer's Coat Stripping Tools - Stripping Tool for Dog Coats
Our ergonomic Grooming Strippers remove loose hair and thins out undercoats quickly and easily.
Specially designed curved blades are made of hardened stainless steel with rounded ends for safety.
Strips coats cleanly and effectively, leaving coats and skin healthy.

Contoured, ribbed rubber handles fit comfortably and securely in the hand for better control and comfort.
Use the 6 Blade, 8 Blade, 10 Blade and 12 Blade for extra thick through medium textured coat.
Use the 16 Blade for prep work and thinning.
Use the 20 Blade for soft, fine coats.

Rake through the coat to remove the undercoat, to demat, thin coat, or create a hand-stripped or carded look on terriers or sporting breeds.
For best results, and to avoid removing excessive top coat, use only in the direction of hair growth.
Each tool measures 6 1/2"L and comes blister packed for safe shipping.
Replacement blades are available and sold separately.

: Stainless steel blades; Contoured, ribbed rubber handles
Size: 6 1/2"L

Also Available in Professional Bulk Pack - Includes All 6 Strippers!

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Stripper Knives
 Non-slip grips Stripper Knives - Stripper Knife
Our Stripper Knives are ideal for plucking and removing excess undercoat.
Knives have riveted handles for durability and Non-slip grips provide excellent control, even when wet.
Stainless steel teeth remove hair easily.

Material: Stainless steel teeth; Non-slip riveted handles
Size: Coarse, Fine, and Medium size stripper knives each measure 6 3/4"
Detailing stripper knife measures 5 5/8"

Also Available in Professional Bulk Pack - Includes All 4 Stripper Knives!
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Stripper Tools with Wooden Handles
Stripper tool with Wooden Handle for Dogs - Dog Stripper tool with Wooden Handle
Our high-quality Stripper Tool detangles coats, removes loose hair and thins undercoats quickly and efficiently.
Features a very comfortable rosewood wood handle.
Curved stainless steel blades with rounded ends for added safety.

Material: Rosewood and Stainless Steel.

Sizes: Each tool measures 7 1/2"L and has a head size of 1 3/4"

8-Blade for Coarse Fur
10-Blade for Coarse Fur
12-Blade for Medium Fur
20-Blade for Fine Fur

Directions for use: Using light pressure, comb stripper through coat in the direction of hair growth.
Do not go against or aside hair growth as this will result in excessive cutting of hair.
Use only once a week to prevent removing too much coat.
Not recommended for daily use.

Care: Remove excess hair from blades by hand.
Clean stripper with a soft brush or use a mild cleaner.

Also Available in Professional Bulk Pack - Includes All 4 Strippers with Wooden Handles!
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