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KONG Cloud Collars

KONG Cloud Inflatable Pet Collars
KONG Cloud inflatable Pet Collars - Dog Comfort Collar
Kong Cloud Inflatable Collars are a comfortable, easy-to-use alternative to pet Elizabethan collars.
Great for dogs and cats recovering from surgery or wounds, these collars are washable, scratch and bite-resistant and will not mark up floors or furniture.
With the Cloud Collar, pets can see where they are walking and avoid bumping into things.
Cloud Collars aren’t large or awkward and are easy to use.
Available in five sizes.

X-Small collar fits necks up to 6"; suitable for cats and toy breeds
Small collar fits necks 6"-10"; suitable for cats as well as Jack Russell, Sheltie and similar breed size
Medium collar fits necks 10"-13"; suitable for Border Collie, Spaniel and similar breed size
Large collar fits necks 13"-18"; suitable for Labrador, Golden Retriever and similar breed size
X-Large collar fits necks 18" and up; suitable for Rottweiler, Mastiff, Great Dane and similar breed size

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