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Dog Sizing Chart

MEASURE! Don't Guess!
We're learning the hard way that many, many folks either guess at the size of their dog, estimate by breed or use a size they bought from another manufacturer as a guideline in order to purchase apparel for their Poochies. All Dogs are built differently... even within the same breed.

We find it best to take these 4 measurements for dog collars, apparel etc.

From the base of the dog's neck to the base of his/her tail

Full girth of chest take from just behind the front legs

Full girth of waist between end of rib cage and rear thighs

Full girth of neck - Put a finger or two in there for comfort


Here are some common size to breed descriptions.
If YOUR Poochie is "Stout", you may want to "size up".
Estimating by breed is only an estimation.
Please MEASURE YOUR DOG! and use sizing charts per each item :-)

To Measure for Foot Wear

How to measure your dog's foot for shoes or boots
Have dog stand on a piece of paper and mark the front and back of the foot where it touches the paper. Measure between the marks for accurate sizing. Do not include the nails unless they are unusually long.
If you have any questions on how to measure your dog,
Please contact:


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