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KONG Balls

KONG Balls
KONG Balls - Hard Rubber KONG Dog Chew Toys
Unique Kong® Biscuit Balls have a hollow center and four bone-shaped ports that hold dog’s favorite treats.
Insert some tasty morsels, and this durable chew toy will entertain dogs for hours.
Made of 100% natural, puncture-resistant rubber.
Provides a great way to promote good behavior while satisfying dog’s urge to chew.
KONG Buscuit Balls have cute holes to hide treats :-)

Small size measures 2 3/4" and is ideal for small dogs and puppies up to 20 lbs.
Large size measures 4" and is perfect for medium and large dogs.

Super-tough and durable Kong Balls are superior, long-lasting chew toys with plenty of exciting bounce.
Made of 100% natural rubber that withstands the roughest abuse dogs can dish out.
These toys provide dogs with hours of pure chewing satisfaction while keeping teeth and gums healthy, too.
PLEASE NOTE: All KONG Balls are now solid :-)

Medium Kong Ball measures 2 1/2", suitable for small- to medium-size dogs.
Large Kong Ball measures 3", suitable for big dogs.

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