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Spinner Show Lead With
Neoprene Rubber Neck Pad

Resco Spinner Show Lead for Dogs - Dog Show Lead
Our Professional Spinner Show Leads feature a built-in swivel just above the neck end to allow dogs to spin without twisting the lead, for a neater look in the show ring.
Cordo-hyde lead includes a brass slide clasp.
Matching neoprene rubber neck pad to reduce pressure on dogís throat.

Available in Black, Mahogany, Tan, White, and Wheat.

Material: Cordo-hyde; Neoprene rubber neck pad; Brass slide clasp
Available Sizes:
3/16" wide x 56" long and 3/8" wide x 56" long

All Spinner Leads ship Free in The USA & Canada!
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Martingale Show Leads
42" Long by 3/8" or 3/16"
Martingale Show Leads for Dogs - Dog Show LeadMartingale Show Leads for dog - Dog Show Lead
Martingale Show Leads combine a Cordo-Hyde lead with a Martingale choke.
Strong and lightweight, it gives any dog a finished, professional look and allows handlers greater control, but more gently than with standard chokes.

Cordo-Hyde is wax coated cotton material that can be balled up in the hand to hide the lead and itís stiff enough so that the dog will respond to a handlerís tug on the lead in the show ring.

Cordo-Hyde provides strength, flexibility, and water-resistance.

Durable brass slide clasp allows smooth choke adjustment and holds firmly in place.

Martingale Show Leads are available in Black, Mahogany, Tan, White, and Wheat styles.

Material: Cordo-hyde
Available Sizes:
Martingale Show Leads are all 42" Long by 3/16" Wide
and are available in 6", 8", 10" and 12" choke sizes

Also available in 42" Long by 3/8" Wide and 14" choke size.

All Sizes of Colors: White, Mahogany, Tan, Wheat, and Black

These Martingale Show Leads provide better control in the show ring.
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