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Martingale Collars

Martingale Collars for Dogs
Martingale Collars for Dogs - Martingale Dog Collar
Martingale Collars - Basics and Brites
Martingale Collars for Dogs - Basic and Brite Dog Collar
Our Nylon Martingale Dog Collars are a great alternative to traditional choke chains!
These all-nylon collars work just like a choke collar.
They tighten when a dog pulls, and relax when a dog stops pulling.
Prevents dogs from backing out of their collars.
Great for breeds with large necks and small heads like greyhounds.
Available in Six different fashion colors.

Collars are available in the   following sizes:
Description Adjusts to Fit Necks
5/8" Collar 10" - 16"
5/8" Collar 14" - 20"
1" Collar 18" - 26"
What Size Martingale?
What Color Martingale?

Martingale Collars - With Chains
Martingale Collars for Dogs with Chains - Dog Collar
Our Martingale Dog Collars with Chain combines the convenience of an adjustable collar with added safety and control of a choke-style collar.
Available in Six stylish color choices.
Collar size adjusts as pressure is applied to the leash.
Limited closure guarantees that the collar will not injure pets.

Collars are available in the following sizes:
Description Fits Necks
5/8" Wide (Small) 13" - 18"
3/4" Wide (Medium) 16" - 24"
1" Wide (Large) 22" - 34"
What Size Martingale with Chain?
What Color Martingale?



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