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Basic Grooming Loops
Basic Grooming Loop 4 Pack - 4 Packs of Grooming Loops for Less
These strong, durable, flat nylon grooming loops have translucent plastic slides that stay in place and won't tighten or loosen on restless animals.
They are 3/8" wide and 18" long, and attach to a grooming arm with a 2" swivel snap.
This 4-pack includes one of each color: Blue, Pink, Black, and Purple.
These Basic Grooming Loops are a tremendous value.
Deluxe Grooming Loops
Deluxe Grooming Loop 4 Packs - Wholesale Pack of 4 Grooming Loops
Our Durable Deluxe Grooming Loops are made of tough, thick, flat, woven nylon and feature a metal slide for extra strength and long life.
They easily adjust to fit any dog.
For added safety, the metal adjustment ring helps prevent the dog from backing out of the loop.
The heavy-duty 2" swivel bolt snap opens 1/4" and keeps the loop securely attached to the grooming arm.
This economical 4-pack contains one of each color: Black, Blue, Purple, and Pink and are available in 18" or 24" Four Packs.
Fashion Color Grooming Loops
Fashion Grooming Loop 4 Packs - 4 Pack Grooming Loops Fashion Colors
Our strong, durable nylon Fashion Grooming loops have plastic slides that stay in place.
They won’t tighten or loosen on restless animals.
Swivel snaps at top.
All Loops are 18" long.
Economical 4-pack contains one of each bright fashion colors: Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple.
Available in Basic thickness and Deluxe thickness for added strength.
Screen Print Grooming Loops
Screen Print Grooming Loop 4 Packs - Wholesale Grooming Loops
Fun screen-printed designs make these grooming loops stand out from the pack!
Durable nylon grooming loops feature strong plastic slides and sturdy swivel snaps to securely connect to any grooming arm.
Four-pack includes one each of four bright colors – Orange Pawprints, Yellow Bones, Pink Hearts, and Green Words.
All Screen Printed Grooming Loops are 18" long.

Adjustable Grooming Loops
Adjustable Grooming Loop 4 Packs - Wholesale Adjustable Grooming Loops
These durable, flat, 3/4"-wide nylon grooming loops adjusts in length from 20" to 22" to safely restrain dogs.
Featuring our playful graffiti pattern in four bright and bold colors or a 4-pack of black.
The locking slide clasp releases quickly for easy adjustment and closes tightly to stay secure.
The swivel bolt snap allows you to attach it easily to any grooming arm or grooming tub restraint hook.

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