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Puppy Starter Kits

A Great Way To Welcome Home Your New Family Member!
Basic Starter Kits
Basic Puppy Starter Kits - Blue
Basic Puppy Starter Kits - Pink
With our Basic Kit, your new family member will receive:

1 Nylon Adjustable Puppy Collar - 6 to 10 Inches
1 Matching Nylon Lead - 4 Ft x 5/8"
1- 6" Nylabone for Teething and Chewing
1 Lil Yelper Squeak Toy for Training & Fun
2 Anti Skid Dog Dishes - 8 ounces each
1 Baby Puppy Blanket for Comfort & Sleep Time

Our basic kit is only $29.95 with Free Priority Shipping!
Available in Pink or Blue
Deluxe Starter Kits
(with or without collapsible crate)
Deluxe Puppy Starter Kits - Pink
Deluxe Puppy Starter Kits - Blue
With our Deluxe Starter Kits, Your Baby will Receive:

1 Neoprene Adjustable Puppy Collar - 6 to 10 Inches
1 Matching Neoprene Lead - 4 Ft x 5/8"
1 Nylabone for Teething & Chewing - 6 Inches
2 Ceramic Polka Dot Dishes - Prince or Princess
1 Cotton Hoodie for Warmth - Up to 8" back
2 Soft, Squeaker Training Toys
1 Soft Bolster Bed - 12 x 18 Inches
Optional Soft Sided Collaspible Crate - High Quality!

Our Deluxe Puppy Starter Kits Start at $69.95 - Shipping included!
$129.00 includes a deluxe, soft sided collapsible crate!
Premium Puppy Starter Kits
Start Your Baby Off Right!
Premium Puppy Starter Kits - Pink
Premium Puppy Starter Kit - Blue
Upgrade to our Premium Starter Kit and Your New Puppy Will Receive:

1 Leather Puppy Collar - 8 to 11 Inches
1 Matching Leather Lead - 6 Ft x 5/8 Inch
2 Nylabones for Teething & Chewing
4 Soft Squeak Toys to Help With Training 
2 Cutie Paw Ceramic Dog Dishes - 5 Inches Wide
Soft Cotton Hoodie for Warmth - Up to 8" Back
1 Breathable Mesh Harness for Walks - xSmall
1 Matching Mesh Lead - Style!
1 Dimple Plush Nesting Bed with Removeable, Reversible Pad
1 Complete Crate System, Include Crate, Crate Mat & Crate Cover

Our Premium Puppy Starter Kits are only $249 each!
and give you everything you need to welcome your new baby home!

All Kits Are Available in Princess Pink
or Prince Blue

Which Kit & Color?


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