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Nylon No-Bark Muzzles
Nylon No-Bark Muzzles for Dogs

Our Nylon, Lined Muzzles are the top choice of handlers, trainers and other professionals.
Made from strong nylon fabric with a lining for added comfort.
Muzzle stays in place on dogs, but it’s a snap for people to remove and replace!

Available in 9 Adjustable Sizes.

: Nylon fabric lined with a foam-padded comfort strip
4 1/2 In Snout Size 0
5 In Snout Size 1
5 1/2 In Snout Size 2
7 In Snout Size 3
8 In Snout Size 4
8 1/4 In Snout Size 5
10 1/4 In Snout Size 5XL
10 1/2 In Snout Size 3XL
10 3/4 In Snout Size 4XL

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Bark Solvers
Intellipet Bark Solver - Bark Control for Dogs
Put an end to nuisance dog barking with our Intellipet Bark Solvers!
Bark Solver units can be wall- or shelf-mounted inside or outside.
An ultrasonic correction tone sounds each time dogs bark.
Sensitivity adjustment controls how loud the bark must be to trigger the tone.
Frequency adjustment allows for selection of either ultrasonic sound (inaudible to most humans) or a sound audible to both dogs and humans.

Bark Solver X25 is designed for indoor use and the X40 is designed only for outdoor use.
Both are available and sold separately.

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Smart Dog No-Bark Collars
Smart Dog No-Bark Collars

This automatic bark control dog collar stops unwanted behavior just as reliably and effectively as higher-priced models. Features seven levels of stimulation, activated by dog’s vocal cords, and a brief "relaxation" period between corrections. At the first bark, the correction is at the lowest level followed by a 2-second relaxation period. If the dog continues to bark, strength increases to level 2, with another relaxation, and so on, through 7 levels. When the dog does not bark for 5 minutes, the dog collar automatically backs off by one level, so that the next correction he receives will be lower than the last one, as a warning. If the dog then resumes barking, the unit will again begin to increase levels, with 2-second rests in between corrections, to allow time for the dog to associate the correction with the barking.

Nylon water-resistant dog collar fits necks from 9" to 20". Includes one set of probes and 6-volt alkaline battery. Now price won’t keep you from administering needed training! Weight is 3 oz. Appropriate for dogs 5 lbs and over and 6 months old and up.

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Intellipet No-Bark Training Collars
Intellipet No-Bark Training Collars

Stop unwanted barking quickly and effectively! The No-Bark Collar has a seven level stimulation system activated by dog's vocal cords, with a brief relaxation period between corrections. This water-resistant nylon collar fits necks from 9" to 20". Includes two sets of probes and 6-volt alkaline battery.

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Citronella Anti-Bark Collar
Citronella Anti-Bark Collar for Dogs

Prevent excessive nuisance barking the painless, humane way with our Intellipet® Citronella Anti-Bark Collar. Trains dogs to stop barking by targeting their keen sense of smell. Device automatically releases a quick burst of non-staining, harmless citronella spray near their nose to distract them from barking. Proven to effectively reduce problem barking by up to 88%.

Recommended by vets, dog trainers, and animal behaviorists. Lightweight, nylon collar adjusts to fit 8"-24" necks and is safe for any dog weighing 5 lbs or more. Kit includes collar, spray device, one 6-volt alkaline battery, one 2.4 oz can of spray, and instructions.

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Bark Control Training System
Petsafe Bark Control Training System
Six levels of correction automatically increase as long as dog continues barking. When barking stops for more than 15 seconds, collar goes back to the lowest level. Unit deactivates if dog barks more than 15 times in a 50 second interval. System comes complete with battery module, vibration sensor, detailed training guide, test light, and a video. Waterproof collar adjusts to fit 8" to 28" necks. Lifetime warranty.

Includes: Collar, battery module, vibration sensor, detailed training guide, test light and video that explains barking
and correction.

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Bark Control for Little Dogs
Bark Control Collar for Little Dogs

The PetSafe® Deluxe Little Dog Bark Control Collar uses nanotechnology to make it lightweight and small so it fits comfortably on small- and medium-sized dogs. Patented technology ensures a dog’s bark is the only sound that will activate one of the ten levels of static correction.

Correction begins at the lowest level and increases if barking continues. Collar remembers the level of correction that made the dog stop barking so when the dog barks again, the collar starts correcting at the remembered level.

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Bark Control for Big Dogs
Bark Control Collar for Big Dogs 2
Finally - Barking Control for BIG Dogs! This Bark Control Collar is the most advanced dog bark collar ever made! This safe and effective bark control collar can’t be falsely set off by other noises or another barking dog and it features 18 total levels of correction with 3 selectable ranges. Within each range, there are six automatically incrementing correction levels. On the first bark, dogs gets the lowest, mildest correction. The corrections gently increase with each successive bark until dogs find the level that is sufficient to discourage dogs from barking. The unit deactivates if dog barks more than 50 times in a 30 second interval.

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Intellipet Remote Trainer
Intellipet Remote Trainer for Dogs

This remote pet trainer is ideal for reinforcing basic commands and stopping unwanted behavior such as barking, digging, or chewing. The small, lightweight receiver weighs just 2.5 oz, has a range of 150 yards, and is powered by a 6-volt alkaline battery (included). Miniature transmitter controls seven adjustable levels of stimulation and is powered by a 12-volt alkaline battery. Features a water-resistant collar receiver, handheld transmitter,12-volt alkaline and 6-volt alkaline battery, and operating guide.
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