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Polo Shirts for Dogs

Polo Shirts for Dogs

Dogs†will love this preppy cotton staple. Polo features ribbed knit cuffs and two-button collar for a tailored yet †sporty look. Machine-washable for easy care.


Sizing Guide:

Back: Measure length of petís back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
Neck: Measure the circumference of petís neck for a snug fit. No need to add inches as you would with a collar.
Chest/Girth: Measure girth around the broadest part of the chest and add 2Ē.
Note: If the dog has a stout build, select one size larger.

Size Length Fits Neck Fits Chest
XXS 6" 6-8" 8-10"
XS 8" 8-10" 10-12"
S 12" 10-12" 12-16"
M 16" 12-14" 16-20"
L 20" 14-18" 20-24"
XL 24" 18-22" 24-28"
XXL 30" 22-24" 28-34"

Please note: Orange, Navy and Air Blue are SOLD OUT.†Thank You!

What Size Polo Shirt?
What Color Polo Shirt?


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