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Basket Muzzles

Basket Muzzles for Dogs

These Basket Muzzles are made from strong, flexible plastic and are designed to fit securely and comfortably on dogs’ snouts. Offers a high level of safety when working with aggressive dogs that bite or bark. Each muzzle has an adjustable nylon strap with a quick-release buckle and a faux-leather comfort strip for the dog’s snout.

A humane and safe way to work with strong, forceful dogs.

Basket Muzzle Sizing:
How to Measure a Dog's Snout
Measure the circumference midway between the tip of the nose and eyes. Add 1" for small/medium breeds and 2" for large breeds.

 Muzzle Size  Muzzle Width   Snout Circumference
XXX-Small 3 1/2" 7"
XX-Small   4" 8"
X-Small 4 1/4" 9"
Small 5 1/4" 10"
Medium 5 1/2" 12"
Large 6 1/4" 13"
X-Large 6 3/4" 15"
Which Size Muzzle?
What Color Muzzle?

Baskerville Ultra Muzzles
Baskerville Muzzle for Dogs/Dog Muzzle
This lightweight muzzle features a basket design that gives all-around protection, but still allows unrestricted panting and drinking.
Safety strapping ensures the muzzle will always remain securely in place and features two additional points of secure attachment. Made from extremely tough and durable, yet soft rubber.

Size Length (base strap to tip of rubber muzzle) Neck Strap Length Fits Snouts (inside circumference of muzzle)
1 5" 10" 8"
2 6" 12" 9.5"
3 6.5" 14" 11"
4 7.5" 16" 12.5"
5 8.5" 18" 14"
6 10" 20" 16"


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