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Camo Collars & Leads

Camo Collars for Dogs
Camo Collars and Leads
Our Camo Dog Collars
are the practical yet stylish accessories for pets that love the outdoors.
Made of durable, woven nylon.
Heavy-duty hardware.
Quick-release plastic buckles.

Collars are available in three widths and four lengths to fit any dog.
Available in Green, Pink, Multi-Color, Black, and Blue.

: Nylon; Plastic buckles and nickel plated D-rings

Camouflage Collars are Available in the Following Sizes:

xSmall - 3/8" Collars fit 6" to 10" Necks
Small - 5/8" Collars fit 10" to 16" Necks
Medium - 5/8" Collars fit 14" to 20" Necks
Large - 1" Collars fit 18" to 26" Necks

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Camo Leads for Dogs
Camoflage Lead Leashes for Dogs - Dog Camo Lead
Our Camo Dog Leads are made of durable nylon with a rugged camo pattern that creates a tough and stylish look.
Each lead includes a heavy-duty swivel clip for secure collar attachment.
Available in Green, Pink, Multi-Color, Black, and Blue.

Material: Nylon; Nickel-plated swivel snaps

Camouflage Leads are Available in the Following Sizes:
Small - 5/8"W x 4’
Medium - 5/8"W x 6’L
Large - 1"W x 6’L
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Matching Collar & Lead Combos
Matching Camo Collar & Lead Combo Sets for Dogs
All of our Camo Collars are also available in Matching Collar & Lead Combo Sets.
Save money with these combinations.
All size combos come with 4 Foot x 5/8 Inch Leads except Larges come with 6 Ft x 1 Inch Leads.
Available in Green, Pink, Multi-Color, Black, and
Blue in the sizes shown above.
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